An Online Role Playing Game of Cyber-Horror

A past lost to darkness ...... a future we forgot.

CHROME is a tabletop role-playing game of synthetic horror & cyber-noir. Players take on the role of elite augmented mercenaries called Operators. As you fight for survival against the howling black, will you burn hard or burn out?

Play Fast,
Die Faster

Quick Character Creation

Build your Operator by choosing their Background and Loadout. Advance them by installing cutting-edge CyberTech.

Fully Digital Ruleset

No need to waste time scrolling through PDFs. Advanced navigation and search get you the information you need, quick & easy.

Low Prep Missions

Spend less time preparing and more time playing. Create an assignment, start location, add a few extras, and jump in.

Scene-Based Play

Get right to the action with a complete game experience every session. Ideal for deadly one-shots and short, brutal campaigns.

/// A Lost and Obsolete History

Welcome to New Los Angeles.

The year is unknown. We live in a future without history. Every monolith­ic Corporation and enigmatic Cult sells its own version of the truth.

The world is offline. The information Net that once connected us is gone, corrupted, and transformed by entities beyond understanding or comprehension. Voidspace has come.

Once obsolete technologies have re-emerged, city streets become a tangle of old and new tech. A sprawling nexus lost between its past and future, a city being consumed by darkness.

/// Gear Up & Roll Out

You are
an Operator.

CyberTech-enhanced mercenaries run deadly jobs in the service of Control, a shadow organization with an unknown agenda. Dangerous hybrids of flesh and machine with nothing left to lose, you and your squad risk body and mind confronting the horrors that lurk beneath the surface of New Los Angeles.

A Cult researcher excommunicated for heresy, a Corp technician who saw too much, a Military officer haunted by their past, or a Street hacker just trying to go pro. Whatever your background, Operators live by one rule: Survive the day and get paid.

An Online Role Playing Game of Cyber-Horror